eyes Who is John Hinton?

"Hinton is a top-drawer storyteller... I strongly recommend you see this man in action" - FringeReview (on Ragnarok: The Weird of the Gods)

"John Hinton is breaking ground in his approach to bringing science to the stage" - Science Live (on Albert Einstein: Relativitively Speaking)

"John Hinton is an absolute joy...This guy would get anyone interested in science" - Adelaide Theatre Guide (on The Origin of Species...)

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I am a theatre practitioner, working primarily as an actor, playwright and director. All three parts of my Scientrilogy of musical comedies about scientists (THE ELEMENT IN THE ROOM..., ALBERT EINSTEIN: RELATIVITIVELY SPEAKING and THE ORIGIN OF SPECIES...) are currently on a UK tour.

This website is my interactive CV. All pictures on this website are clickable - go on, have a play, see where you end up.

My main areas of work are as follows:

Albert Einstein: Relativitively Speaking



Feel free to email me at john77hinton (at) gmail (dot) com.

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