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John has written six theatre pieces which have reached full production. These include his trilogy of musical comedies about Charles Darwin, Albert Einstein (two versions) and Marie Curie; one other musical comedy based on the Norse myths about the end of the world; one epic tragi-comedy about the Greek philosopher Pythagoras; and a theatre-in-education piece about the Brecks in East Anglia.

In addition, he has written four full-length Ensonglopedias (alphabetical collections of 26 songs), four shorter music/movement pieces on commission for various museums, and has co-written or been part of the devising team of countless physical theatre pieces. The first of three tables on this page lists his six theatre pieces:

Production Director/ company Dates/places Links
The Element in the Room
The Element in the Room: a Radioactive Musical Comedy about the Death and Life of Marie Curie
Daniel Goldman / Tangram Theatre (with music by Jo Eagle)
2015-present - UK and Australia tour
Albert Einstein: Relativitively Speaking
Albert Einstein: Relativitively Speaking
Albert Einstein: Relativitively Speaking (Junior Edition)
Daniel Goldman / Tangram Theatre (with music by Jo Eagle)
2013-present - UK, Australia and Malta tour, including Royal Albert Hall
The Origin of Species...
The Origin of Species by means of Natural Selection or the survival of (r)evolutionary theories in the face of scientific and ecclesiastical objections: being a musical comedy about Charles Darwin (1809-1882)
Daniel Goldman / Tangram Theatre
2008-present - Ed & B’ton Fringe, UK tour, Australia, Norway, Croatia, Sweden, Natural History Museum, Royal Albert Hall...
Self-directed / University of Cumbria
2013 - production in Carlisle with 21 second year performing arts students
Ragnarok: the Weird of the Gods
Ragnarok: The Weird of the Gods
Panel-directed / Theatre of the Preposterous
2012/Theatre: Brighton Fringe, Ipswich Pulse, Croatia
Bex & Rex in the Beastly Brecks
Bex and Rex in the Beastly Brecks
Daniel Goldman / Tangram Theatre
2016/Theatre-in-Education: Tour of festivals and schools in the Brecks area of East Anglia

Here are the four shorter performance pieces he has written on commission for various institutions:

Production Commissioned by Date / Type Links
Great Train Songery
The Great Train Songery
National Railway Museum, York
october 2015 (forthcoming) - singing tour guide
Victoria & Albert Museum
Victoria & Albert Museum
2013 - interactive museum exhibit
Six Trees And A Water Lily
Cambridge University Botanic Garden
2014 - musical storytelling
Three Insect Stories
Three Insect Stories
Natural History Museum
2012 - musical storytelling

He has also been co-writer, or part of the devising team, on the following productions:

Production Director/ company Date / Type Links
Spring Awakening
Spring Awakening (devised, based on the play by Frank Wedekind)
John Hinton / University of Cumbria
Push (devised)
Myself & Kat Joyce / Tangled Feet
2013-14 - outdoor theatre
Inflation (devised)
Kat Joyce / Tangled Feet
2012 - outdoor theatre
Babbel (devised)
John Hinton / Teater EnKor
2012 - site-specific theatre
Measurement Shop
The Measurement Shop (devised)
Nathan Curry & Kat Joyce / Tangled Feet
2010 /Site specific: Elephant & Castle shopping centre
Cloning Frankenstein
Cloning Frankenstein (co-written with Johan Westergren)
Teater EnKor
2009-10 /Gothenburg, Swedish tour, Copenhagen
Home (devised)
Nathan Curry & Kat Joyce / Tangled Feet
2008-10 /Outdoor: UK tour, Glastonbury, Latitude, France
Crunch - A Show About Apples
Crunch! - a show about apples (devised)
Daniel Goldman / Tangram Theatre
2006-07 /Ed Fringe, West End, Poland
Ugly Baby
Ugly Baby (co-written / devised)
Deadpan Pizza Theatre Company
2001 / Physical theatre: Ed Fringe

The above lists are in addition to pieces John wrote during his time at University and earlier.